Insert Special Characters Quickly and Easily with AX

When typing a document in French or Spanish, you have to type so many special letters with accents – some have slanted lines over them, some have curvy lines over them and some have dots on them. In office suites like Microsoft Office or Open Office, you do have toolbar buttons that allow inserting special characters and you can do the same from the menubar option for inserting special characters. Typically, you click on the special character icon in the toolbar and select one of the characters to be inserted in the document. But this takes too much time and is very irritating process.

If you want to quickly and easily enter special characters in any document editor, then you can try free AX software. Once installed, AX helps you insert special characters just by pressing F8.  As you launch AX, it will display you all the information you want – how to use F8 key and what character set is currently being used.

AX - Insert Special Characters

Typically, you just type the regular characters and press the F8 key – this will change the character you typed into the special character and when you press F8 again, it will change again. For example, if you want to type inverted question mark used in Spanish, you just have to type ? and press F8, this will change ? into ¿ – how easy can it be? Similarly, if you want to type ñ, then just type n and press F8 (I typed both ¿ and ñ using AX).

AX - Insert Special Characters

Suppose, you do not want to use the Spanish and want the French character set, then you can double-click on the AX notification area icon and it will display a setting window. In this window, you can select a character set belonging on dozens of different languages in the main cycle. If you need extra characters, you can choose those in the extra cycle. You can even change the hotkey to something else than F8 (but F8 is just perfect).

AX - Insert Special Characters

AX is a very time saving, productive and useful tool for everyone. It can do all the special character insertions in less than a second as soon as you press the F8 key. It is a must-to-have essential tool for all the people who want to type faster on their Windows computers.

You can download AX from