Put Windows to Standby Only When PC is Idle with Econap

In Windows, the computer is automatically put to the standby mode after the system has been inactive for some minutes. For the balanced power mode, this time duration is 30 minutes – which basically means that if your PC has no activity for 30 minutes then Windows will put it in the standby mode. Windows defines inactivity as no keyboard, mouse or touchpad input. This is why even if you have been reading something online for without using any input devices, it will initiate the standby mode.

For this reason, many people choose to just disable the standby mode and keep the PC running uninterrupted. This is where the Econap tool comes in. Econap is an intelligently designed tool that puts your PC in the standby mode only if your PC has been really idle. It checks your CPU usage, RAM usage, hard drive activity, network activity, multiple logged in users etc., to determine whether your PC is really idle. It does not depend on just the input events coming from devices like keyboard, mouse etc.


In the Econap settings, you can choose the time duration after which it checks whether your PC is idle. By default, it take 5 minutes before checking this. Under the standby blocker settings, you can specify which indicators are to be taken into account to determine if PC is idle – for example, CPU usage, network usage, audio output etc. You can also specify processes that prevent a change to energy-saving mode.


It also has a special presentation mode – for getting ready your PC for those important presentations. When this mode is activated, your PC cannot enter standby mode at all as well as no disturbances by Windows, other programs or the tool itself are allowed. Presentation mode is also useful when you want to work disturbance free or want to watch a movie on Netflix without any notifications.

You can download Econap from https://stand-bye.de/.