Keep Windows PC Running Smoothly with Comodo System Utilities

Comodo is a well known name in the field of security. They offer free antivirus and firewall software that can protect your system from the dangers present on the internet. They also provide SSL certificates for the website owners in order to encrypt the data transfer between the web server and the client computer. The same company also offers Comodo System Utilities which is a software suite consisting of many programs designed to keep your Windows PC running smoothly like a new computer.

Comodo System Utilities reminds of the Norton Utilities or Tuneup Utilities software both of which are now discontinued. It packs all the tools needed to remote the clutter and tune the system for the optimal performance. The program must be launched with the administrator level access without which it refuses to run. In the nicely designed user interface, it shows the PC status as reported by various tools such as registry cleaner, privacy cleaner, and disk cleaner.

Comodo System Utilities

You can access these various tools from the sidebar as well. As you can expect, Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, and Disk Cleaner find and remove the garbage from the registry, remove user traces, and the hard drive respectively. In addition, it comes with tools like Force Delete that can forcibly remove stubborn files, folders and registry entries. Another tool Shredder can irrecoverably destroy the contents of files, folders, drives and entire disks. Autorun Manager can help you find the programs that automatically start at Windows logon and allows you to disable them if needed.

Comodo System Utilities offers something called profiles for advanced users. In each of these profiles, you can choose to include a various number of options and parts of your computer to be scanned for garbage files and redundant entries. These profiles are a great way to customize the cleaning process of System Utilities.

You can download Comodo System Utilities from