Clean Garbage from Your Windows PC with SlimCleaner

Another year has come to a close and many people are wondering about cleaning their homes to get ready  for the festive season. How about cleaning your computers after using them the entire year? As you have been using your PC for so many months, it has been accumulating many files that are neither useful nor required. Such files only pile up in your hard drive to take up all the useful space that would have otherwise be free for other tasks. Using SlimCleaner you can analyze your system, find all the garbage files and remove these hard drive space eaters.

SlimCleaner has a comprehensive user interface through which you can access all the different tools which are grouped under very categories like Cleaner, Optimizer, Software, Updates, Browsers, Disk Tools, Windows Tools and Privacy.

Under the Cleaner category, you can find tools to clean all the junk and unwanted garbage files. It is able to find the junk files from Windows operating system, third party software, web browsers, and the Windows Registry. Under the Optimizer category, you can find all the different programs and services are are automatically launched at Windows startup. You can disable them, delete them or restore them later if desired.


Under the Software and Updates categories, you will find all the installed applications and operating system updates respectively. The Browsers category offers you tools to easily remove all the browser toolbars, add-ons, plugins, and restore them if needed. The Disk Tools category has all the tools needed to keep your hard dries working properly – disk wiper, shredder, defragger and duplicate files finder. Under the Windows Tools category, it gives shortcuts to the tools that already exist in the Windows operating system such as Device Manager or Control Panel.

Conclusion: SlimCleaner has a large number of system utilities designed to improve your PC performance. Through a nice user interface, you can access any of these tools and carry out all the different tasks. In the paid pro version, you get many more features such as one-click optimization.

You can download SlimCleaner from