Remove Image Background in Just 5 Seconds

TheVerge today posted about a new web app that can remove image backgrounds in just five seconds. At first it looked like just another online tool that can remove image background, but when we tested it ourselves, then we realized that it is really a very powerful tool. It differs from other similar tools like Background Burner or Fotor in many different respects –

  • It does not require you to select foreground and background regions manually.
  • It does everything automatically after you have uploaded an image.
  • It is completely free.
  • It does not put any watermark on the resulting image.

Remove Image Background

For using, you simply have to visit their website, drag-n-drop your image and it will instantly process the image. It will display the original image and the image with background removed side-by-side so that you can see the difference clearly. There is also a download button for downloading the background free image to your computer. The downloaded image is in the PNG format because it can preserve transparency. You can use GIMP or Photoshop to add new background easily to these images.

Remove Image Background

Does it work perfectly? Yes, most of the time. We have tested it with many images with backgrounds and it clipped out the background marvelously. But in some rare cases, when the color of the foreground and background is same, it may not be so much perfect in trimming the foreground.

The web app is powered by the API designed by Kaleido. In fact, it appears that the reason of putting up this web app is mainly because of promoting their API. On the Kaleido website, you can find information about their API containing many more picture effects but their APIs are commercial and are meant for other software developers.

You can remove backgrounds by visiting website at

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