Keep Auto-Start Entries in Check with StartupStar

In your Windows computer, some programs are set to be automatically started as soon as Windows starts or when a user is signed in. Some of these programs are useful like the antivirus program or the internet security software that must be loaded with Windows to provide you complete protection. But other auto-starting programs could be harmful. In order to see which programs are being automatically started in Windows, you can use Abelssoft StartupStar software. Not only you can view and edit these auto-start entries, but you can also block programs from adding startup entries in your system using StartupStar.

StartupStar has something it calls “firewall”. But this is not something like Windows Firewall that us used to control the network access. It is a firewall for startup entries – it monitors if new startup entries are being added to your Windows PC. As soon as a program tried to add auto-start entries, it gets triggers and takes the appropriate action. In the Dashboard, it displays how many such entries were blocked by this firewall.


You can control this firewall from the Firewall tab. You can enable the firewall and decide if the application window should be minimized when the firewall is enabled and whether it should display a notification whenever a startup entry is blocked.


It displays the startup entries for your Windows PC and allows you to change the startup status for all of them. You can choose to activate, deactivate or block any of the startup entries. When you block the entries, they disappear from the list of startup entries, but you can restore them from the backup from under the Backup Center tab.


Under the Backup Center tab, you can restore all the changes made to startup entries. You can recover these changes either from the time the StartupStar program was started or since the date you specify in the program. Of course, it is limited to the date after which StartupStar was installed on your system.


StartupStar is much more than a regular startup entries manager. It not only allows you to control the startup programs, but also provides you with an active firewall that blocks any new entries being added.

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