Santa Yourself : Put Red Santa Hat on Anyone Online

This is Christmas time – the time to gather around the Christmas tree with family and friends to celebrate the birth of the Messiah, share the gifts, sing the Christmas carols, decorate homes with lights, and eat lots of delicious food (this is my favorite part). This is also the time to wear those endearing red Santa hats. These Santa hats are available in stores from $2 to $10 depending on the quality and the store. Some Santa hats are coming with blinking LED lights too. However, if you do not have any Santa hats lying around, then you can go online and edit your pictures to make it appear as if you are wearing a Santa hat just to post them on Instagram.

Here is how you can put a Santa hat on your or any of your friends’ pictures:

  1. Visit Funny Photo website at
  2. You can upload your picture from three different sources – from your computer, from any online source such as your blog, and from your Facebook page. For using Facebook pictures, you have to allow this web app to access your Facebook profile and the pictures.Red Santa Hat
  3. Upon successful upload of your picture, it will quickly apply the photo effect of red Santa hat and display the processed picture. You can crop the picture, add your own text and remove the “” watermark. Of course, you can choose to add even more effects from the website. At this point, you can download the picture to your computer, get an online link of the picture or share it on all the popular social networking websites.Red Santa Hat

Using red Santa hat effect, you can turn any of your pictures into picture with a beautiful Santa hat. You can now add the Christmas zest to all of your pictures and show them to your friends.