Reboot Restore Rx Restores Windows PC to the Saved State at Restart

Some publicly available computers such as computers placed in the library, in the school classrooms, in the form of kiosks at the mall or in the banks are going to receive all kinds of rough treatment. Strangers are going to make all sorts of changes and even try to copy harmful files to these computers. For such computers, you should be able to restore their hard drive contents back to the original state in a very short time without much effort. Using a free software called Reboot Restore Rx, you are able to restore your computers back to the original saved state just by rebooting them.

When you install Reboot Restore Rx, it asks you for the partition that you want to protect with this software. You can select C: which is usually the partition where Windows is installed. By choosing the C: partition, you can protect your Windows system so that any changes made whether intentional or unintentional can be easily reversed just by rebooting your computer. You can choose more than one partition if needed using the Reboot Restore Rx software.

Reboot Restore Rx

For each partition, you can save only one state in the free version of the software. These saved states are called baselines by the software. After the installation and selection of a partition, you do not have to do anything – it will auto-restore the baseline after reboot. If you want to update the baseline to include any changes you have made to the system, then you can simply disable Reboot Restore Rx and then re-enable it once again after making the changes.

Reboot Restore Rx

Reboot Restore Rx is a simple way to keep your PC protected from inadvertent changes. You can use it to protect your system partition and keep all the downloaded files and programs that store changed files (such as web browsers) on a separate partitions.

You can download Reboot Restore Rx from