Wash Garbage Off Your Android Smartphone with Simpliclean Mobile

Simpliclean Mobile is an Android app that helps you get rid of all the junk files and optimize it to perform at an optimal level. It is designed by simplitec, the same developers behind another junk file cleaner app for Windows computers called Simpliclean. The Android app works on all smartphones running on Android versions from KitKat to the latest version of Oreo.

The app has a very neat interface and displays four shortcuts – for speeding up your system, for cleaning up the storage, for deleting the traces, and for connecting it to your Windows PC. The speed up module can terminate some of the processes running in the background in your Android smartphone. It also claims that if those processes that have been shutdown they will use lesser amount of the RAM.

Simpliclean Mobile

The garbage cleaning module scans your Android smartphone for all kinds of the junk files including garbage data, app data, downloads, WhatsApp files, unusually large files, app leftovers, and large media files. It can compress media files to make them smaller without affecting their quality that much. It can remove the files that are left behind by the apps that have been removed from your system.

The privacy cleaning module can delete all of your traces on your smartphone. This helps you get rid of all the call history, remove the location data collected through the GPS tracking, remove the browser history for all the popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Simpliclean Mobile

The developers of this app claim that by shutting down the apps that have been running in the background for no good reason in your system, Simpliclean Mobile can boost the battery usage cycle – making it last longer for each recharging cycle. And if you use apps like WhatsApp which keep accumulating pictures and videos every time you use them, it can can help you clean all these superfluous files to recover the storage space.

You can get Simpliclean Mobile app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simplitec.simplitecapp.