Listen to Online Radio Stations with Radiola

There are many online radio software using which you can enjoy listening to all sorts of radio stations on your smartphone or on your PC. But Radiola is an online radio software that features some very impressive radio stations including the classical European music. Radiola is available for all the popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android and many distributions of Linux. In the case of Windows, Radiola is available both as an installer app as well as a portable application.

Radiola has a very minimal user interface. In the small window of Radiola, you can see a list of all the stations placed under various categories such as Classic, Drum&Bass, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Traditional, Regional and Trance. There are a few stations under each of these categories that you can select and play. On the right side, it displays the buffer size, the network download speed and the audio sampling rate.


This small online radio player gives you options to record the online radio stations. This can be done easily by clicking on the small Rec button. Radiola comes with Lame MP3 encoder and can quickly save the recorded stream into an MP3 file. There are no options for controlling the MP3 encoding or recording. You cannot even change the folder where the MP3 files are saved through the user interface. This folder must be manually entered in the “radiola.cfg” file inside the “cfg” sub-folder.


You can view the history of all the radio stations that you have been listening to by clicking on the Show History button. If you right-click on the list of stations, you are given options to add or edit radio stations. Through these options, you can add your own radio stations to the very small list  that comes with Radiola.

You can download Radiola from