AkelPad : Feature Packed Editor for Replacing Notepad

AkelPad is a small text editor that can replace the inbuilt Windows Notepad. It offers the simple editor interface just like Windows Notepad, but you can also switch it to a multi-window interface mode as well as pseudo multi-window interface. The multi window interface looks just like Notepad++ while the pseudo multi-window interface allows you to open an unlimited number of files without wasting too much of system memory.

During the installation, it gives you three options – standard installation, editor for Total Commander and Windows Notepad replacement. The standard installation just installs it as any other text editor. The editor for Total Commander makes it an editor for Total Commander. And the last option allows you to use it as Windows Notepad replacement.


Akelpad can be used in three window modes – single window mode (SDI), multiple window mode (MDI) and pseudo multiple window mode (PMDI). You can easily select these modes from the menubar by choosing OptionsWindow Mode. You have to restart AkelPad to make the new interface work.


AkelPad also offers the use of plugins to enhance its features. For example, it comes with plugins that can help you use it as hex editor, use it as code editor with syntax highlighting, for inserting special characters, for copying and pasting data in the clipboard, for playing sounds as you type and more. You can access and enable these plugins from the menubar by selecting Options → Plugins or by using the hotkey Alt+P.

Just like Notepad++, AkelPad also comes with an automatic updater. Through this automatic updater, you can download and install latest versions of plugins as well as AkelPad itself. You can access this updater from the menubar by selecting Help → Update. You can even install newly released plugins through this.


AkelPad is a feature packed text editor that can be further enhanced using plugins. It allows you to quickly replace Windows Notepad with AkelPad and offers multiple windowed interface.

You can download AkelPad from http://akelpad.sourceforge.net/en/index.php.