How to Automatically Restore Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

Sometimes when you are in the middle of doing something in Firefox, something else comes up and you have to attend to it. For example, you are researching about how to make the old game Quake 2 work in Windows 10 and then the time comes to leave your comfy home for work. In these times, you have to close Firefox, shutdown Windows and leave the computer for hours. Next time you use Firefox again, you have already forgotten all the websites that you had found.

With a little setting in Firefox, you can make Firefox restore the previously open tabs or previous session so that when you start Firefox next time, it reopens all the previously open websites. Here is how you can make Mozilla Firefox browser restore all the tabs automatically at start:

  1. Click on the menu icon in Firefox toolbar and select Options from the menu.
  2. In the Options screen, select General category from the left side.
  3. Place a checkmark in the checkbox labeled Restore previous session.Auto-restore tabs in Firefox
  4. Close the tab that displays Options.

This is all it takes for making Firefox restore previously open tabs when you start Firefox. Now if you close a tab with some websites open in some tabs, Firefox will save this session in the user profile folder. Next time you launch Firefox, no matter how many days later, it will re-open all the same tabs just as they were open the last time you used Firefox.

But there is also a downside of this setting. Suppose you had opened some sites that you do not want others to know about (checking for that De Beers diamond ring for your fiancé secretly) and you close Firefox with the above mentioned setting applied. The next time you start Firefox or your friends launch it, they will see all the websites that you have been using earlier. So ensure that you disable this setting if your computer is being used by many people.