Cleanmgr+ is Improved Replacement for Microsoft Disk Cleanup

The new generation of developers at Microsoft seem to be gradually doing away with the older applications that have existed in the Windows operating system for decades. They are replacing them with newer apps with modern user interface. Many applications have already been replaced – Calculator, Paint, Snipping Tool, Sound Recorder, Disk Cleanup tool etc. Rumor is that Windows Notepad is next on the chopping block.

People who have been using Windows for years loved the older and faster applications. The newer replacements are slower and bloated. If you don’t believe it, then try launching Calculator (calc.exe) in Windows 7 and then in the latest version of Windows 10. One of such disappointed Windows user decided to take matters in his own hands and ended up developing a new improved version of Disk Cleanup tool (cleanmgr.exe) and it is being called Cleanmgr+.


Even though the old Disk Cleanup tool is still available in Windows 10, it may be removed in the future versions as Microsoft has already added it to the depecated apps list. Cleanmgr+ basically has an improved user interface but provides the exactly same features as the Disk Cleanup tool.

You can select various categories of junk data for which you want to scan your computer. You can select which of these files you want to clean and finally remove the junk data. Obviously the Cleanmgr+ scanning algorithm will be a little different from Disk Cleanup since Microsoft has not made it open-source and consequently it may also show slightly different results.


It tries to stay as close to the Microsoft tool as possible, but you can extend its functionality by providing custom scripts. You can click on “More+” and it provides more cleaning options including the ability to clean Firefox, Chrome and Vivaldi browser cache.

You can download Cleanmgr+ from