Enpass : Free Password Manager for All Platforms

These days everyone has so many email addresses and social networking accounts that it is simply impossible to memorize them all. Some people resort to using the same password for all of their accounts which is a grave mistake. Security experts advise us to use a different, impersonal and strong password for all of our accounts. This further makes it a herculean task to memorize all of these passwords. Fortunately, you can use a free password manager such as Enpass.

Enpass is a mammoth of a password manager – not only it offers all the desired features one would expect from a password management software, but it also works on all the popular platforms (such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android) and is able to import the password database from 26 other password managers which includes basically all the other popular password managers such as Dashlane, LastPass, StickyPassword, KeePass etc.

Enpass Password Manager

The desktop version of Enpass is available both as an installer and as a portable application. The portable package puts a smile on your face as the developers have actually gone through the trouble of providing with a PDF guide about how to use the portable version of Enpass.

In the user interface, you can add various items like login, credit cards, finance, licenses, computer logins, or secure notes. All of these items can be viewed from their respective categories. Enpass can also audit your saved passwords and tell you if they are weak, identical or old. It comes with a strong password generator which helps with getting into the habit of always using a strong password.

Enpass uses advanced encryption algorithms like SQLCIPHER, based on the AES-256 standard. In the situation when the program is left in idle mode, the automatic blocking and emptying of the clipboard are activated. We will also find a built-in browser that automatically fills in all fields in the forms.

In the paid version of Enpass, you will find many more features, ability to add unlimited items and to store your password in a cloud storage account. You will also be able to sync your password database across any number of devices.

You can download Enpass from https://www.enpass.io/.