Clone Hard Drives or Destroy Their Data Using Free CopyWipe

It so happens many times that after using a computer for a few months, you realize that the installed hard drive capacity is not longer enough for your needs. So you buy a new hard drive with much larger capacity but this also means that you will have to install Windows (or any other operating system) all over again. Thanks to the free CopyWipe software, now you can just copy the contents of one hard drive over to another and save your precious time which you would have wasted in reinstalling Windows.

CopyWipe is a free console based application that offers two features – copying the contents of a hard drive to another and secure wiping the contents of a hard drive. Before you use CopyWipe, you must ensure that you have two or more hard drives available in Windows. This tool is not able to work with just one drive for the simple reason that it cannot erase the contents of the hard drive on which the operating system is installed ans is being used. And if you are copying the contents of a hard drive, then you obviously need more than one hard drive – one source and second target.

CopyWipe - Clone and Wipe Drives

CopyWipe is offered in two versions – one is meant for using from inside Windows and another for DOS can be used with bootable USB drives or bootable CDs. The Windows version can be used only when there are atleast two hard drives present. The DOS version can be used from a bootable CD and can work even when just one drive is present.

The user interface of CopyWipe is very easy to follow. You can choose either to copy drive or wipe drive. For the copying you need to select one source drive and another as target drive – the rest is handled automatically. For wiping you can select a drive and then one of the secure wipe methods after which the entire drive is overwritten with random data.

CopyWipe - Clone and Wipe Drives

If you need to wipe out your entire hard drive or copy the data from a hard drive to another, then you can depend on CopyWipe. It is free and easy to use for both of these purposes.

You can download CopyWipe from