Create and Print Customized List of Files in Windows

In the old days of DOS operating system that was popular before Windows came into existence, people could print the list of files very easily just by a single command. Even today, it is relatively easy to create a list of files using the command shell (cmd.exe) or PowerShell. And if you are using Linux, then perhaps you have access to bash shell which offers even more tools to print a customized list of files.

However, if you are using Windows and do not want to go knee deep into the command line tools and console programs, then you can use a third party software called “Directory List & Print” for creating a customized list of files in a folder.

Directory List & Print

“Directory List & Print” is available in two versions – free version and pro paid version. The free version has some features disabled, for example, you cannot save the list as HTML files in the free version. The user interface in both cases is identical and comprises of five different tabs. In the first tab, you have to select the folder which contains the files or sub-folders for which you want to create the list. In the second tab, you can select the type of data to be included in the list such as file names, file paths, file size, modified dates etc.

Directory List & Print

In the third and fourth tabs, you can control the way the list looks and choose to create a filter for the files. Finally you can click on the button Create / Update File List and it will generate the file list as specified by all the different options. If you want, you can also save the list as a Word or Excel file. You can also copy the list directly to the clipboard. You can also send the list straight to the printer and have it printed on paper.

You can download “Directory List & Print” from