Defencebyte Computer Optimizer : Tools for PC Maintenance

How many of us have our motorbikes and cars cleaned, checked and tuned regularly, but fail to do the same with our computers? Just like any other machine, your computer also needs regular maintenance for it to keep running at an optimal performance. As you use your computer everyday, it keeps accumulating junk files which in turn may impact the overall performance of your PC. You have to clean this gunk every now and then in order to bring out the peak performance of your hardware. Using a set of third party tools such as Defencebyte Computer Optimizer, you can carry out the cleaning and tuning of your system easily.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is a software that comes with many tools for optimizing the operating system. Using this software, we can clean the system registry, optimize system performance and tackle some of the very common computer problems. The user interface of the software shows the status of your PC whether it is optimized or requires some optimization. In the main window, you can find links to all the tools it offers – browser cleaner, windows service, website block, uninstall, registry cleaner, and apps manager.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Browser cleaner can scan and remove the browser history (such as cookies, login data, visited websites etc) from all the popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. From the Windows services tool, you can view and manage all the services running in the background. Website blocker can take a list of domain names that are to be blocked. App manager, uninstaller and registry cleaner can do their usual tasks of installing apps, removing apps and cleaning the left over entries from the system registry.

These tools can remove all the junk from your system that can not only improve the system performance but can also free up the storage space on your hard drives. Unfortunately, this software is not free and is being offered as a 30-day trialware.

You can download Defencebyte Computer Optimizer from