musikcube : Terminal-based Music Player for Windows, Mac and Linux

Disenchanted by the flashy Windows Media Player, more and more Windows users are turning towards alternative music players such as 1by1, XMPlayer and Audacious. And now there is yet another music player called musikcube available to those who want the old fashioned terminal look. This new music player provides the terminal look just as you would experience in applications like Far Manager. and works in all the popular platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The developers also offer an Android variant called musikdroid.

If you have never used any terminal-style application before, then you might feel confused after launching musikcube for some time. Fortunately, you can use mouse to control most things in this program. But to make the most of the program, you should use keys such as Tab, Space, Enter, Esc etc.

musikcube music player

As you launch the program for the very first time, it displays the settings screen. You can browse a folder containing your music files and add it to the music library using the Space key. After this, you can switch to the library by pressing the “a” key. From the library, you can select one of the audio files and press Enter to start playing it. There are volume control and playback controls available that are to be controlled through your mouse.

musikcube music player

Supported audio file formats by musikcube include MP3, OGG, FLAC, and APE. Furthermore, you can also play audio CDs using this program. It is very small program with some good features such as cross-fade and gapless playback modes. Even though it is a terminal based program, the developers have also given four color themes that include default, 8-colors, solarized dark and solarized light. It supports plugins that can further enhance its functionality and features.

You can download musikcube music player from