Download Torrents in Chrome Browser Faster with Seedr Extension

When it comes downloading files through torrents (a form of P2P network), everyone immediately thinks of μTorrent or some other bit-torrent client that must be installed and used to download the files. These clients download the files from various seeders (people who already have the file in the P2P network) but the whole process takes a long time depending on your geographic location, your internet connection speed and more.

If you want to download files faster through the torrents, then you can use an extension called Seedr in your Google Chrome web browser. This extension is a sort of cross between cloud storage and bit-torrent web app. It downloads your torrent files in the cloud storage and then you can download them from the cloud storage.

After installing it in your Google Chrome web browser, you have to create a free user account on the website. This account is necessary to access and download your files. Once you have installed the extension and logged in to your Seedr account, you can right-click on any torrent link and select Add to Seedr.

Chrome Seedr Extension

The torrent will be added to your Seedr account and the download will be started. You can see the progress by clicking on the Seedr icon in the Chrome toolbar and then clicking on Visit Site. It will display an interface that looks familiar to any bit-torrent client. We tried download LibreOffice installed through its torrent link, the download was finished in under 5 seconds and the installer file was available in the Seedr account.

Chrome Seedr Extension

Seedr gives 2GB of free cloud storage to keep all of your files. You can extend this storage by upgrading to a paid pro account. Apart from the downloading of torrents, it also allows you to upload and seed your own files links of which you can share online for others.

You can get the Seedr Extension for Chrome from