Pretzel : DMCA-Safe Music for Twitch, Youtube or Mixer Livestreamers

One big problem for all the people, who broadcast regularly over online platforms such a Twitch or make videos for Youtube, is that their videos get DMCA copyrighted music strike. This is because they use copyrighted music in their videos or livestreams. Google has made things a tad easier by offering some of the free music for the Youtubers, but livestreamers cannot use them – they are meant to be included with your videos from withing Youtube video editor.

This is where Pretzel comes in, it provides you with all the music that is DMCA safe and can be used by livestreamers without having to worry about content ID strikes or other similar claims. It is available in two forms – as a desktop app and as a web app. In both cases, you have to login using your existing Twitch, Google or Mixer account.

Pretzel - Music for Livestreamers

Once logged in, it will automatically start playing a random track. But you can scroll down and browse through the large library to select a track that you want to play. You can search for tracks using artist name or the track name. All the tracks are divided into various categories such as synthwave, chill, hip-hop, happy, hyped, mixed, epic, ambient, chiptune, rock, upbeat, pop, etc. There are thousands of tracks at your disposal. But that’s not all. The developers say that the new music is being added regularly so that when you use Pretzel the next time, you are sure to find something new.

Pretzel - Music for Livestreamers

If you want to find the Youtube safe videos, then you have to click on the ellipses at the bottom and then click on the Youtube icon. There are also other filters using which you can select instrument only music. All the music collection is really great for playing in the background when you are broadcasting on Twitch, Youtube or Mixer. It integrates with online streaming tools and can be controlled using hotkeys. The free version of Pretzel announced the name of the track being played, but it can be switched off in the pro version which costs $4.99 per month.

Pretzel - Music for Livestreamers

You can download Pretzel from

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