Emsisoft Browser Security Extension Blocks Harmful Sites

Emsisoft Browser Security is a new extension that blocks any website that it deems harmful or malicious in your web browser. It is able to block malicious websites that distribute malware as well as prevent phishing attacks. As of now, it is available for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. The developers are also making it available for other web browsers such as Edge. Since it is a Chrome extension, it can also be used on Chromium based web browsers such as Vivaldi and Opera. Similarly, the Firefox extension can be installed in Pale Moon and Waterfox web browsers.

The developers of this extension claim that it does not send the visited URL to the cloud server in order to check whether they are safe or not. Instead, it sends a calculated MD5 hash of the domain name to the cloud server and downloads the matching domains to check for them on your local computer. This way it is able to block the malicious sites without violating your privacy.

Emsisoft Browser Security

After the installation of this extension, it keeps protecting you from malicious sites in the background. You can click on its icon and toggle the protection on or off. You can report a website that is not being blocked by it but you suspect it to be harmful. You can also add some domain names to the exclusion list so that they are never checked.

When you happen to stumble upon a website that is malicious, it blocks the website and displays the reason why it was blocked, for example, suspected malware or phishing. On the blocking webpage, it gives you options to continue visiting the website ignoring the warning.

Emsisoft Browser Security

Emsisoft Browser Security is a lightweight browser extension that helps keep you safe from internet threats by blocking access to harmful websites that spread malicious software. It works independently of any security software installed on your PC and should be used by all computers users for protection from online threats.

You can get the Emsisoft Browser Security from https://help.emsisoft.com/en/1974/emsisoft-browser-security/