How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitch

Twitch is the premier online games streaming service in the world. Everyday thousands of gamers stream their gameplay from all over the world. There are other similar game streaming services but none of them come even close to what Twitch offers. Top gamers in the world like pewdiepie are often seen streaming on Twitch as their millions of followers watch them. This is why all the major video game publishers target the users on Twitch, offer big rewards to the gamers who stream on Twitch and even provide them with free games and game consoles.

Since Twitch is very addictive, the developers at Twitch have decided to add a dark mode in the user interface. This dark mode is in keeping with the trend of adding a dark mode in the user interface of many web browsers, applications and operating systems. For example, Windows itself has its own dark mode and you can toggle between the dark mode and light mode in Windows easily. Similarly, there is a dark mode in latest version of Mac OS.

Twitch Light Mode

Here is how you can enable the dark mode on Twitch website:

  1. Visit Twitch website in your favorite web browser by visiting
  2. Sign-in to your Twitch account.
  3. After you have signed-in, click on your user name near the top-right corner and select Dark mode from the drop-down menu.Twitch Dark Mode
  4. This will turn Twitch instantly dark, but the menus and side bars stay unaffected as they are already dark. The following screenshot displays how the dark mode looks:Twitch Dark Mode

Dark mode is really useful for the gamers who work at day time but play games all night long sitting in front of their PC screen. The strain on eyes induced by the bright light of your screen can cause pain and can have negative impact on your eyesight. Hopefully, with the dark mode in Twitch you can reduce the stress on your eyes and play the games for much longer.

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