Hanso CD Extractor : Transfer Audio CD Tracks to MP3 or OGG Files

Technology changes so fast that not everybody can keep with its pace. Back in early 90s, people used to have magnetic tapes collection for all of their movies and music albums. Listening to audio tapes seems like a completely different time in the history of humankind. Then came the CDs, a few years later DVDs and now we have Blu-ray disks. Many people ended up having hundreds of VHS tapes and DVDs that they can no longer use because now everyone is using online on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify or Pandora.

If you have a bunch of very old audio CDs that you want to archive for the fear of them becoming damaged, then you can depend on Hanso CD Extractor. It is a program for Windows using which you can extract the audio tracks from an audio CD into audio files. You can save the audio tracks into MP3 and OGG Vorbis formats.

Hanso CD Extractor

Apart from the extraction of audio tracks, it can also normalize the audio – which is useful if the audio volume is low or very high. I have a audio CD of my sister singing when she was in high school with a low volume, Hanso CD Extractor quickly bumped up the volume to a comfortable level. You can also fetch tracks information using CDDB and add metadata like ID3 version 1 and ID3 version 2. In order to create MP3 files, it uses the popular LAME plugin which provides highly compressed files without compromising audio quality.

Hanso CD Extractor is useful for the people who want to backup their old and aging audio CD collection into easy to access audio files on their hard drives. It is easy to use and can work only on unprotected audio CDs which makes it perfect tool for personal use.

You can download Hanso CD Extractor from https://www.hansotools.com/hansocdextractor/.