Hyper : Command Line Interface with Themes, Tabs and Plugins

At work we have to work with all sorts of programs including the ones that are very boring and annoying to use. Some of us have to use the ages old command line prompt (cmd.exe) in Windows which could be an eyesore if used for many hours. The people who use command line interface applications may find an open-source application called Hyper very useful as it attempts to bring some cool new features to the old command line interface. Hyper is available for many platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Hyper is an application designed using the Electron framework which allows the use of web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. But as with all the Electron applications, it uses a modified form of the Chromium browser and as such is a big download for a simpler application. On the other side, because of the Electron framework, it can use an infinite number of color schemes, themes, plugins, has a tabbed interface and more.

Hyper - Electron Based Shell

You can open a new tab using hotkey Ctrl+Shift+T, open a new window using Ctrl+Shift+N, close a tab using Ctrl+Shift+W and quit the Hyper application using Ctrl+Shift+Q. Basically the hotkeys are same as for Chromium browser except they require pressing of Shift too. The way command line interface behaves depends on the operating system you are using – for example, in Windows it uses cmd.exe and in Linux it uses the bash shell.

If you do not like the default look of Hyper, then you can download themes from Hyper website and use them to get new exciting colors and look. There are also many themes that can add extra zing to the basic Hyper action. For example, the Hyperpower plugin adds a wow mode that makes working with command line interface really fun.

If you are tired of using plain old command line prompt in Windows or other operating systems, then you can use Hyper – a colorful, tabbed command line interface.

You can download Hyper from https://hyper.is/.