ALLPlayer : Media Player that Reads Out Subtitles

If you are watching a movie or video that is in a different language than the ones you can understand, then perhaps you will have to depend on the subtitles or a friend who can translate whatever people are saying in the movie. You can find subtitles of almost all the movies online on sites such as OpenSubtitles and if subtitles are not in your language then you can translate the subtitles into your own language easily using Google Translate. But even with subtitles, you have to quickly read them or you will miss what is going on in a movie.

Fortunately, there is a media player called ALLPlayer that can actually read out the subtitles to you so you do not have to stay busy reading them. ALLPlayer is a media player from the same developers who create the popular GPU stress testing benchmark program called Catzilla. As the name suggests, it can play everything – all sorts of video files, audio files, online radio stations, online streaming and more.


The most powerful feature of ALLPlayer is its ability to display subtitles for any video. As soon as you start playing a video in ALLPlayer, it searches the internet for matching subtitles and downloads them in all the languages. You can then select the language you want and it will display the subtitles. For the subtitles, you can change the way they are displays – font face, font size, text color, position and more. Furthermore, it can also read subtitles using in-built SAPI voices of Windows 10 or through the voices downloaded from IVONA speech synthesizer.

It is able to play internet radio stations but all the stations are Czech. Apart from all these features, you can also password protect your video files so that only you can watch them. It is a very useful features for the parents of young children who you don’t want to see non-PG content.

You can download ALLPlayer from