Integrate KeePass Password Safe with Firefox Easily with Kee (formerly KeeFox)

KeePass Password Safe is a very popular open-source password manager that can be used to store your passwords and other personal data safely in an encrypted database. The software is available for all the popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Since this password manager is portable, you can keep all your passwords in a small USB pen-drive and carry them over to any computer you want. And now you can easily integrate it with Firefox web browser using an extension called Kee (previously known as KeeFox).

Kee extension uses RPC protocol to communicate with the KeePass Password Safe application and can access your password database. This way you do not have to use a separate password database. But it takes many steps to install and use this extension. Here is how you can start using Kee in your Firefox web browser:

  1. Install Kee extension in Mozilla Firefox from
  2. Download the latest version KeePass Password Safe password manager from and install it. You can import your older password database and use it in the new version. Kee works only with version 2.x of KeePass.
  3. Download KeePassRPC.plgx from and place it in the plugin directory of KeePass.Kee extension for Firefox
  4. Launch KeePass, it will load new plugin and you will see a code that you must enter in the Kee extension in web browser to make a connection.Kee extension for Firefox
  5. As soon as you enter the code, the connection will be established and you will be able to access KeePass from within Firefox. You can add new passwords, search for already saved passwords, generate new passwords etc., from within Firefox.Kee extension for Firefox

The authorization for the connection between the Kee extension in your Firefox browser and KeePass application will be valid for one year by default. But you can revoke this authorization from the KeePass application. For this, you have to access KeePassRPC plugin options from Tools → KeePassRPC (Kee) Options.

Kee extension for Firefox

In the window that shows up, you can switch to the Authorized Clients tab and see a list of all the authorized connections. You can click on Revoke next to them to revoke the connection. You can re-authorize as explained in the steps above to make the connections once again.