SceneExplorer : Shows Video Previews Through Thumbnails

Coming back from the big new years party last week you must have snapped hundreds of pictures and videos. But now you have to go through all of them to find out the ones you really love. With all the video files named similarly in your digital camera, it is hard to find the video file in which your inebriated uncle dances like crazy or the video file in which you kissed your sweetheart at the tick of midnight.

If you have a huge collection of video files stored on your memory card or hard drive, then you might have difficulty finding which of the videos belongs to which of the videos. An open-source software called SceneExplorer can make things easy by generating thumbnails using video frames from the various video files. You can browse the video files using these thumbnails and then open the videos in your default media player.


SceneExplorer is the easiest to use. You have to add folders containing your video files. You can add the folders by using the Directory Add Directory menu from the menubar, by right-clicking on the directory list or by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+D.

Once the folders have been added, you can select Task  Scan All Directories from the menubar. This will initiate the process of generating the thumbnails from the videos. For each video, it created three thumbnails by default. You can right-click on any video thumbnail and choose Open Video to play it in your default video player.


In the options for SceneExplorer, you can choose how many thumbnails are to be created for each of the video files. The default number of thumbnails is three. You can choose where these thumbnails are stored – they are usually stored in a folder named db but you can choose the location of this folder.

SceneExplorer makes it very easy for you to find the video you are looking for. If you are sorting through hundreds of videos, you can use SceneExplorer to save your time considerably.

You can download SceneExplorer from