Make Web Browser Secure with Malwarebytes Browser Extension

The world of the internet is full of different kinds of threats. Every time you use your web browser, you are taking the risk of malware infection and phishing scams. You may be trying to shop something online, you end up entering your credit card information on a phishing website that looks exactly like PayPal. Similarly, you search of the exciting new wallpaper and when you visit that website it downloads a malware code in your browser that slowly downloads more malicious programs which ends up installing ransomware in your PC. All these attacks happen every day. In order to ensure that you are not one of the victims, you should not only install a regular antivirus products but you should also employ additional tools for protection against malware threats such as Malwarebytes Browser Extension.

Malwarebytes Browser Extension is an extremely useful plugin for making your web browsers a little but more secure. It boasts of providing you with protection against malware, scam, potentially unwanted programs (PUP), tracker protection and clickbait websites protection. This extension is currently available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Since future versions for Microsoft Edge browser are going to use the Chrome engine, it will perhaps also be available for Edge.

Malwarebytes Browser Extension

After the installation, it places an icon in the Firefox or Chrome toolbar. You can click on this icon to toggle some basic options such as malware protection and clickbait protection. If you want more control over the settings, then you can open add-on settings. In the settings, you can toggle all the various protections – malware protection,  scam protection, PUP protection, tracker protection, and clickbait protection. You can also add some domain names to be whitelisted.

Malwarebytes Browser Extension

The extension comes with a small database of various types of websites that are to be blocked. This database gets regular update so that you always get latest protection. Apart from the malware, it also blocks crypto-miners making your browsing experience faster.

You can download Malwarebytes Browser Extension from