Move or Resize Windows to Invisible Grid with Gridy Windows Snapper

Gridy Windows Snapper is a smart tool that creates an invisible grid on Windows desktop. Once you have started Gridy, all the windows that you move or resize will automatically snap to this invisible grid giving you a perfect size for any window. Since the increments or decrements are set to be 32-pixels by default, you can get a window with dimensions that are multiples of 32-pixels such as 320 pixels or 640 pixels etc. The grid snapping is possible both for the width and the height of the visible windows.

Upon installation of Gridy Windows Snapper in your PC, it places an icon in the notification area and enables the invisible grid to which all the visible windows will lock. You can right-click on this notification area icon and choose the transparency level of the grid, the modifier key, the disable key, the preset key, edge behavior, and the x-grid or the y-grid size. The transparency of the grid can be adjusted anywhere from 50 to 270. The x-grid and y-grid sizes can be independently set to be anywhere from 4 pixels, 8 pixels, 16 pixels, 32 pixels, 64 pixels, and 128 pixels. The edge behavior (when you drag a window to any of the edges of the screen) can be picked from ignoring, shrinking or blocking.

Gridy Windows Snapper

If you double-click on the notification area icon of Gridy Windows Snapper, it will display a window where all the hotkeys are listed. There are hotkeys for dragging, moving and resizing various windows. The best hotkey of all of these is Win+Shift+Home that stores the current size of an active window. You can later restore that window back to the stored size by using the hotkey Windows+Home.

Gridy Windows Snapper

Conclusion: Gridy Windows Snapper is a productive and neat tool for managing and arranging the  visible windows in a perfect sizes. It is helpful when you want to achieve a clean and well arranged look for your desktop PC.

You can download Gridy Windows Snapper from