PDF Compressor 2019 : Combine and Shrink PDF Files

PDF documents are the standard way of sharing official documents over the internet. They are in such a great demand for the simple reason that they retain the same document visual format no matter on which platform they are accessed. So if someone created a PDF document on a Linux computer, it will look exactly the same on a Mac, a Windows PC or an Android phone. It ensures that when documents are reproduced (printed), they retain the same original look – a quality much desired in legal and technical paperwork.

These days, you can create PDF documents very easily through Open Office or LibreOffice but if you want to combine several PDF documents into one or shrink the file size of a PDF document then you would need a free tool called PDF Compressor 2019. Furthermore, this tool also allows you to convert images into a PDF document easily.

The user interface allows you to pick a mode of operation – compress PDF, combine PDF or image to PDF mode. Depending on the the mode picked by the user, the GUI of the application changes. Typically you will choose one or more PDF documents or images and carry out operations on them. In the case of compression, you can compress the images inside a PDF document to reduce its size. In our test, it compressed a 20 MB document into a 1.02 MB PDF file which is very impressive.

PDF Compressor 2019

In the PDF combination mode, you can add PDF files, specify the order in which they are to be joined and it will create a single PDF document containing the pages from all the original PDF documents. The images to PDF mode allows you to add many images and create one or more PDF documents from them. You can choose to create one PDF document for each image or one PDF document from all the images.

Conclusion: PDF Compressor 2019 is a free application and can efficiently reduce the size of PDF files, combine many files into a single PDF documents as well as convert images into a PDF document. Lacking a PDF editor, it offers all the other popular PDF tools.

You can download PDF Compressor 2019 from https://pdf.compressor.software/.