UniRed : Lightweight Open-Source Text Editor for Windows

UniRed is an open-source text editor for Windows that supports all types of unicode characters (hence the name UniRed). The installer package comes with two languages English and Russian with the latter selected as default. After the installation, when you launch UniRed, it will use the Russian language for all of the interface. You can select Options from the menubar and change then select the English language for the user interface.

It supports all kinds of character sets including ANSI, unicode 16-bit, UTF-8, Latin, Cyrillic etc. Basically, it can open and display the text from all the different unicode formatted text documents. When it comes to editing unicode text, it allows many conveniences such as entering the unicode characters using many different conventions such as the HTML style representation e.g., &#0164;, surrogate pairs style e.g.,  <D600 DC00>, Java or C style e.g., /u0164; and more.

UniRed is a syntax-highlighting text-editor just like Notepad++. It supports syntax highlighting for many languages such as HTML, XHTML, C, C++, Java, Pascal, Delphi, XML etc. The syntax highlighting makes it very easy to edit the files belonging to these languages. However, there is no way to change the color scheme of syntax highlighting for any of the files. The following screenshot displays how it is using syntax highlighting  for a C language file.


Other features of UniRed include advanced search and replace through the use of RegEx (regular expressions), ability to run the code or external tools such as compilers for a program and a spellchecker for many languages (it includes dictionaries for the US English and UK English only).

With a very small file size and little use of the CPU or RAM, UniRed is a very useful tool to be included in your USB pen-drive portable apps collection. It can be used on older computers without affecting the PC performance. But when compared with Notepad++, it stands no chance.

You can download UniRed from http://www.esperanto.mv.ru/UniRed/ENG/index.html