PhotoX : Batch Watermark Software for Windows

When you publish your pictures on the internet, you should add some text on the pictures showing your name, email address or website. This is called watermarking the pictures. Some of the professional photographers use their business name on the pictures such as “Kate Crabtree Photography” (a popular wedding photographer in the Maine area).

If you want to quickly process all of the images and add a watermark on all of them in a second, then you can use a software like PhotoX. This software can add both the text and image type watermarks on your pictures in a number of ways. For example, in the case of text watermarks, you can choose the location of the text or make it fill the image diagonally. Apart from the location, you can also choose text color, opacity, font and effects like shadows for the watermarking.


PhotoX can also add a QR code as a watermark on your images. You can type in the text and it will automatically convert the text into a QR code. You can change the location of the QR code, margin and the width of the QR code. You cannot set the opacity of the QR code because then it won’t be easy to read by a smartphone camera.

Other than the watermarks and QR codes, you can also use PhotoX to add some basic effects. It can convert your image into grayscale, add horizontal or vertical strips, create thumbnails, add fadeout effect, change brightness or blur the image. You can also combine all the effects together and apply them to all of your images.


PhotoX is not a free software. In the trial version, it adds a large watermark of its own. This watermark is removed only in the licensed paid version. If you are looking for a free batch watermark software, then you can have a look at BatchBlitz.

You can download PhotoX from