Print Large Posters on Small Paper Sheets with Posteriza

Usually people just buy large posters from Amazon and put them up on their walls. But sometimes you cannot find the poster that you were looking for or even if you find the poster, it is not in the size that you want. In these cases, either you have to contact a local poster printer shop or you can print them on your own home printer using a small program called Posteriza. This software allows you to print large size pictures spread over multiple small size paper sheets. This way you don’t need the large size expensive printer and can use any ordinary printer that uses A4 or US Letter size sheets.

Posteriza is a portable software and does not need installation. You can download it and launch it to start using it. The first thing you have to do is open an image file that you want to print. It supports all the popular image file formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG and TGA.


Now all you have to do is change the settings for the poster. You can add text on your poster which spans through many lines and you can change the font size, font family, font color etc. You can add border to your poster and also add the cut lines along which you have to cut and join the sheets. You can also change the size of the poster and set the different ways to print it on the multiple paper sheets.

Once the poster is printed on your printer, you can cut it along the cut-lines and join them together using glue. You can frame this poster or paste it as it is on your walls. It is not as good as store bought poster, but still looks good.

Posteriza is a small portable utility for quickly printing large posters on many smaller sheets of paper that you can glue together to create a really large poster.

You can download Posteriza from