sTray : System Tray Shutdown Tool for Windows Desktop

sTray is a tiny utility that sits in the notification area (also called system tray) of Windows Desktop and offers you the options to shutdown, restarts, log off, or lock your Windows computer.

The developer of this little tool, Jody Holmes, explains that he created this tool because of difficulty he was having when working with Windows through remote desktop protocol (RDP). When accessing a Windows computer remotely through RDP, you do not see the usual shutdown options from the Start Menu. The only way you can shutdown or restart a remote PC is through the command line interface (cmd.exe). You can give the command shutdown to power off the remote PC. But it is rather uncomfortable and takes a few extra steps. The portable sTray tool gives you easy and convenient way to access the same options as you would get from a Windows PC that you can access physically.


Once launched, sTray sits in the system tray and displays an icon. You can right-click on the icon to access all the various options – shutdown, restart, switch user, log off, lock, sleep, and hibernate. These options are available from the Start Menu that in Windows, but sTray allows you to do a few more things like starting a screensaver, turn off the monitor and access the printers. You can also access options for sTray from here.

In the options for sTray, you can add or remove the various entries displayed in the sTray right-click menu. You can right-click on the options window and choose to add any of the entries. You can select on any of the already added entries and press the Del key to remove these entries. You can move the entries up or down and rearrange them. You can set it to be autorun in Windows too.


sTray is a useful program not only for the people who access computer remotely over RDP, but also for the regular Windows computer users. Windows 10 users can especially benefit from it as it displays the shutdown options much more like the classic Windows start menu.

You can download sTray from