Rename Files in Windows with KuKnet FileRenamer

These days everyone has become a vlogger and is uploading tons of videos on Youtube. For this most people use the powerful camera that comes with their Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other smartphones, but some people also invest in expensive action cameras like Sony GoPro. Nevertheless, with all these video recording and snapping the beautiful moments all the time, you end up having zillions of files on your hard drive or backup storage. In order to manage these files efficiently you must rename them so that you can quickly know the nature of content just by looking at the file names. For renaming files quickly, you can make use of a freeware program KuKnet FileRenamer.

KuKnet FileRenamer is a portable file renaming utility that makes everything easy through its three step renaming process. In its user interface, in the first step you have to first add all the files that you want to rename. You can add individual files or add entire folders containing files. In the second step, you have to specify the rules for renaming the files. You can specify more than one rules which include a variety of modifications from changing the case of filename to using the metadata contained in media files such as MP3 files or JPEG files. The third step involves choosing an output folder and clicking on the Start rename button. This will initiate the renaming of all the files as specified by the renaming rules.

KuKnet FileRenamer

If you use the same rules often, then there are options to save the rules to a file and load them later on. This saves your time because you won’t have to manually add all the rules all over again. Then there is a preview option through which you can have a preview of the new file names before beginning the actual renaming process.

You can download KuKnet FileRenamer from