Volafile – New Interactive Way of Sharing Files Online

There are hundreds of ways you can share you files with others online – email the file, share with cloud storage, through an FTP server and many more. But none of these methods allow you to share files in an interactive manner like the file sharing service Volafile does.

Volafile is a live file sharing and chat service that allows you to share the files in much like the same way as the good old fashioned IRC chatrooms used to. In the IRC chatrooms, you could chat with other people who offered their files up for everyone to download. But unlike the IRC, it is not very complicated and anyone can start using it without having to create any username or account.


Typically, you just have to visit Volafile website and click on the large pink colored Create Room button. This will instantly create a room where you will find options to chat with other people, upload your files for sharing and more. The room is assigned a random name and URL – both of these can be changed from the room settings. You can even set a password to the room so that not just anybody can come and download your files.


In the room, you can click on the Upload button and select a file to be uploaded to your room. This file is then made available for everyone inside the room and they can download it just by clicking on the file. All the files can be listed based on their types – images, videos, audio files etc. If your friends are unaware of this room, then you can copy the URL of the room and send it to your friends via an email message or social networks.


Volafile is a great way to share your files with many people in an interactive manner. This is useful when you are working remotely with someone in a team or are trying to help a user over the internet.

You can visit Volafile at https://volafile.org/.