GOG is Giving Away Psychological Horror Game “Distraint – Deluxe Edition”

If you watched the new horror movie Halloween and are still shivering in your bed, then perhaps you would like a game called Distraint that is being given away on GOG the popular online game distribution platform. Like many other similar platforms they also offer a desktop client software called GOG Galaxy through which you can download this new game. But you can also download the game from your GOG account.

“Distraint – Deluxe Edition” is a psycho-horror game that slowly makes you nervous through its psychologically designed atmosphere. Even though the game is not 3D, the sound and images are pretty effective in pulling your strings. You cannot expect graphics like the new Tomb Raider series of games , but the game developers are not really focusing on the graphics.

In the game, you take up the role of an ambitious young man who is wants to start a business partnership and for doing that he has to seize the property of an old woman. And when he enters her house, unexpected and mysterious events start to happen. Just like many other 2D games, you can movie left and right using arrow keys and solve puzzles to move to next levels.

Distraint Psycho Horror

The game takes you through darkness and shadows, hand drawn graphics, and psychologically composed music. The game might look easy as you go from one level to another. But there are some surprises waiting for you in the middle and near the end.

In order to get a copy of the game, you can login to your GOG account and then visit the link given at the bottom. You can then add the game to your library and later either install it through GOG Galaxy or download it from your GOG account itself. The downloaded file size is 138 MB only.

You can download “Distraint – Deluxe Edition” from GOG at https://www.gog.com/game/distraint_deluxe_edition. (available for free until 25th January 2019)