winPenPack : Collection of Portable Programs for Pen Drive

When you have to work on multiple computers, you are not expected to install all of your favorite programs on all of these computers, especially if these computers do not belong to you. But if you keep your favorite software on a USB pen drive then you can run them on any computer you come across without having to install anything. This is really useful when working on a friend’s computer or a computer from a library.

You can create your own collection of portable programs on your USB pen-drive. It is very easy as there are so many portable programs available on the internet. But if you want to launch and manage them easily, then a tool called winPenPack can come handy. In fact, winPenPack comes with a ready-made collection of portable apps ready to be used on your computer. These apps include Chrome browser, Firefox browser, Libre Office, KeePass, VLC media player, 7-Zip, MPC-HC media player, Notepad++ and many more.


Then there is a personal edition of winPenPack using which you can create a free collection of portable programs that you save to and use from any of your USB pen-drives. All the programs can be divided into categories and have their own separate folders. You can add your programs and update them from time to time.

Typically, you will download the ready-made winPenPack collection and unzip it a folder on your USB pen-drive. Then you will be able to launch winPenDrive and access any of the apps included in the collection. It also installs a notification area icon from where you can easily launch any of the portable programs.


The software is available in 32-bit version and 64-bit version both of which are around 1 GB in download size. You do not have to use a USB pen-drive to use it, you can extract it to any folder on your hard drive and use the portable apps from there. These portable programs do not require installation and leave no trace in your system.

You can download winPenPack from

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