Take Screenshots and Record GIF Animation with Gyazo

Gyazo is a screenshot capture tool that offers easiest and quickest screen capture and screen recording features. While other similar tools require you to take multiple steps, Gyazo can do everything in a second at the single press of the hotkey. For example, in order to capture a screenshot and upload it to the cloud server, other screen capture tools require at least three steps (capture, save and upload) but Gyazo does all of this just in one step when you use the screenshot hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+C).

After installation, Gyazo can be accessed from its system tray icon. In fact, it takes you to a number of information screens that show you how to use the program, how to capture screenshots and how to record the screen into a GIF animation. From the system tray icon, you can can carry out both of these tasks – capture image or capture GIF.


When you choose to capture the screen into an image, your mouse pointer is turned into a selection tool and now you can select the screen in a rectangular area to capture it. Without wasting any time, the screen is captured, copied into the clipboard and uploaded to the cloud server. You can now copy/paste it in any application like Microsoft Word or MS Paint. The web browser is opened to display the upload status and link  that you can share with friends, co-workers or anyone else.


If you want to save the captured image to your local storage media, then you can right-click on the screenshot in your browser and choose to save it to your hard drive. Other than the image capture, it can also capture screen into a GIF animation but the GIF animation is limited to seven seconds only. Similar to image capture, GIF animation is also automatically uploaded to Gyazo account.


In the settings for Gyazo, you can choose to change the screen image capture and screen animation capture hotkeys. You can make it take over the PrintScreen hotkey, choose to play sound after capture is complete, whether browser has to be opened after capture is complete and many more.

You can download Gyazo screen capture software from https://gyazo.com/en.