Alternate Directory Cleans Junk Files from a Selected Folder

Back in the early days of Windows XP, computers came with smaller capacity hard drives like 40 GB. Those hard drives got filled up with all kinds of files after some time of using the PC and then Windows showed a message – “Hard drive has run out of space.” Thankfully, those days are far behind us and we have spacious hard drives with storage space in the order of 1 TB and more. Such large capacity drives are very hard to fill up completely.

But still, after continuous use of a Windows computer, your hard drives are bound to be filled with all sorts of clutter and unwanted files. These junk files are doing no good to the performance of your PC and can be safely deleted. You can use a free portable software called Alternate Directory to easily get rid of these junk files

What makes Alternate Directory different from popular junk cleaner programs such as CCleaner is that it works at the level of a single folder only. While CCleaner scans entire computer for junk files, Alternate Directory scans for junk files in the selected folder or partition only.

Alternate Directory

In the user interface of Alternate Directory, you can select a folder or partition, and then click on the Diagnosis button. This will quickly go through the selected folder and list all the files that can be deleted. It will also inform you how much space will be freed if you decide to delete these files.

If you decide to delete these files, then you can click on the Clean button. You can also choose how the files are deleted – by sending them to the Recycle Bin, asking your permission to delete them or deleting them without any consent. There are options to choose what to do when deletion is finished – shutdown PC or do nothing.

In the options for Alternate Directory, you can select the type of files that are considered junk files or unnecessary files. You can select different set of file types – standard, advanced and critical. The standard set includes smallest number of the file types, advanced set has more file types and the critical set has the largest number of file types.

Alternate Directory

Conclusion: Alternate Directory can remove all the unnecessary files from selected folders or partitions making them more spacious and free of clutter. Like any other junk cleaner, it should be used carefully or you may end up with missing necessary files.

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