Airfoil for Windows : Receive and Send Music over Wireless Networks

If you are an Apple MacOS user then you can share your music over to other AirPort Express ready hardware easily. But for this you need to use the iTunes and through which you can stream your music over to one or more than one AirPort Express ready devices such as wireless speakers. But without the use of Apple software or iTunes, it becomes difficult to stream your music. If you want an alternative for Windows, then you can use Airfoil for Windows.

It allows you to stream your music from within Windows over to any AirPort Express ready devices. You can use any media player installed in your system such as Boom or 1by1 music player or any other music player of your choice. Airfoil grabs the audio stream from the audio output device of your Windows PC and broadcasts it over to your AirPort Express devices. This means that no matter what is being played on your Windows computer, it will be streamed over to other devices.

Airfoil for Windows

Using Airfoil, you can also receive the tracks being played over the Apple Mac or Apple iPhone. It turns your Windows PC into an audio receiver. But for this you will need to stream music from other devices using Airfoil and for the receiver, you will have to install Airfoil Satellite software.

Airfoil is available for all the popular operating systems out there – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi and more. Through the use of Airfoil, you can finally get rid of iTunes and use a music player of your own choice.

Conclusion: Airfoil for Windows allows even the Windows users enjoy the music being shared through some of your Apple devices. You can both broadcast and receive your music through Airfoil.

You can download Airfoil for Windows from