Check Battery Status of All Devices with Bluetooth Battery Monitor

All of your fun is spoiled, when your wireless headphones run out of battery charge suddenly in the middle of watching the latest movie on Netflix. Then you have to either charge it up and wait for a couple of hours or you have to switch to your old faithful wired headphones. How wonderful it would be if you could tell about the battery drain status of all the wireless devices from within Windows? Well, someone has already created a software that does exactly that. Bluetooth Battery Monitor is able to tell you about the battery charge status of all the Bluetooth paired devices available around you.

After you install Bluetooth Battery Monitor in Windows, it places a small Bluetooth icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. In the beginning, it does not display anything but just the message – “Scanning bluetooth devices”. This message will appear for 20-30 seconds and then it will start showing the battery level of various paired devices. If the message does not go away and gets replaced by a list of battery levels, then you can do two things – check whether you have to paired any Bluetooth devices with your PC or reboot your Windows computer.

Bluetooth Battery Monitor

If everything goes right, this smart tool displays battery information about all the connected Bluetooth devices to your computer. It must be mentioned that some devices do not work with this software. For example, we tried a smartphone (Honor 8X) and it just won’t appear in the list even though it was paired with the PC. But our wireless headphone (Sennheiser HD) was working fine and showed the battery status in the list. Another headphone (unbranded cheap one) was showing the battery status to be 95% even though it was fully charged.

Bluetooth Battery Monitor

Bluetooth Battery Monitor is not free software and works only for 14 days in the trial mode. But this is really an indispensable software for everyone who uses a number of Bluetooth devices such as headphones, game pads, mice or keyboards.

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