ToDoList : Daily Task Management Freeware for Windows Users

If you a small business owner then you know how many times you forget to carry out some of the important tasks in the midst of all the efforts to boost the business growth. Some people hire private secretaries for managing their everyday tasks such as business meetings but if you cannot afford to have a really good private secretary then you still have many options like ToDoList – a freeware for Windows with the help of which you can manage daily tasks very professionally.

While the user interface of ToDoList looks pretty daunting at first with so many columns and entries to fill, it becomes easy within next five minutes. In order to add a new task, you have to click on the green plus button in the toolbar and fill in the entries like due date, priority, category, etc. You can also add a text comment to each of the tasks in case you forget about why you entered that task in future. The comment is also useful if you plan to hire a secretary in the future.

If you have large projects, then you can also create sub-tasks under the main task. This makes it easy to organize your smaller tasks and you will always know these smaller tasks are for the main big task. Just like the main tasks, the smaller tasks also have an extensive selection of numerous settings to choose from, with which you can organize your tasks more accurately.


Near the top of the ToDoList window, you can find many different ways to search for a task like title, type of tasks (complete, incomplete, recently modified, flagged etc), due date, priority, status etc. The tasks are listed in the window according to their priority levels (priority 1 tasks are on the top and the priority 9 tasks are at the very bottom). But you can use the search functions to find your tasks or sort them according to task numbers, due date, cost, completion status etc.

ToDoList allows you to set reminders to selected tasks. For this, you can right-click on a task and select Set Reminder. In the window that pops up, you have to select the reminder time – it could be specific date and time or it could be relative time. You can also choose a sound to play for the reminder.


ToDoList is ideal for the small business owners or professionals who do not have any kind of help to organize their everyday work related tasks. However, it is available only for Windows. There are many other similar software that work on both desktop and mobile systems so that you do not miss reminders even when you are away from desktop computer.

You can download ToDoList from