Create Ready-to-Print Large Posters or Flyers with DesignCap

If you want to design a poster for a demonstration, for school event or just for decoration, then you can do it all through a web app called DesignCap. This web app provides you with thousands of templates, fonts, pictures, cliparts and backgrounds using which you can create a stunning poster or a flyer. The designed posters can be saved in a number of resolutions – small, medium, large or extra large. The largest image size it can save is 2478×3506 pixels which will give real good print results on any kind of printer.

DesignCap is free-to-use web app and allows you to design posters without actually creating any kind of account. You can just visit DesignCap website and instantly switch into your creative mode. To make things easier, you can select one of the templates and start working with it. There are hundreds of templates in many different categories such as promotion, music, sport, education, food, party, holiday, shop, nature, festival, people, health, law and many more. And if you do not want the aid of using a template, then you can start creating from scratch using a blank poster.


You can add photo from the stock pictures provided by DesignCap, you can also add your own pictures from your local hard drive, from your Facebook account or from some location on the internet. You can add text, clipart and background in a similar way. It makes use of web fonts and provides you access to hundreds of eye catching font faces.


All the added elements can be dragged, resized, rotated and adjusted. For some elements, it also provides options, for example, in the case of text you can choose the color and opacity. When you have completed your poster, you can click on the save button, choose a resolution, and image type (PNG or JPG)  and it will be downloaded to your hard drive.

You can visit DesignCap web app for designer posters and flyers at