HTTP Downloader : Download Manager for HTTP/HTTPS Protocol

HTTP Downloader is a lightweight download manager that can download files over HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Even though it is limited only to the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, it does not matter too much these days because almost all the files are available over these protocols. Other protocols like FTP are not being used as much as they were used a few decades ago. This makes HTTP Downloader a great portable download manager for all the Windows users.

In order to start the download of a file, you have to first add its URL to HTTP Downloader. You can add a URL in two ways – through the menubar by selecting File → Add URL or you can just drag-n-drop a URL on the HTTP Downloader window. For the latter to work, you have to make changes in the program’s settings.

HTTP Downloader

As soon as a file has been added, it starts to download it immediately. Depending on how you have configured this download manager, it will split the file into multiple parts to increase the download speed and minimize the download time. But this is unnecessary for most of the downloads and should be used only for very large download (multiple gigabytes) if your internet connection is slow.

In the settings of HTTP Downloader, you can choose to minimize it to the system tray, enable a URL download window, choose to immediately download the links dropped on its window, play a sound when downloads are completed, choose the maximum number of threads for downloads, and more. You can also decide the number of connections at a single time, total downloads running simultaneously and the number of connections per download.

HTTP Downloader

HTTP Downloader is a small, portable and lightweight download manager for Windows. It supports all the features you will find in any commercial download manager.

You can download HTTP Downloader from