Desktop Plant : Grow Beautiful Plants on Windows Desktop

If you are doing a nine-to-five job while locked up in an ultra modern fully air-conditioned office building, then perhaps you long for the sunlight and fresh air. Maybe it has been months since you have touched a tree and sat down in the midst of nature. Perhaps taking a walk in the park has become a memory for you. If you cannot enjoy the company of our botanical friends at work, then perhaps you will enjoy Desktop Plant.

Desktop Plant is a small Windows software that acts as a virtual plant growing right on your Windows desktop. You can choose from a number of different plants – azalea pink, azalea white, azalea purple, azalea yellow, azalea red, cactus pink, cactus white, cactus purple, cactus yellow, cactus red, maple tree, philodendron, and sunflower.

Desktop Plant

Just like in the real life where you buy a small plant from the nursery and start taking care of it, Desktop Plant starts with a small plant fresh out of nursery. The starting plant is only a few days old and shows up inside a clay flower pot. You can double-click on it and set the watering, fertilizer, temperature and sunlight level. All these values can impact how fast the plant grows up.

Desktop Plant

In the settings for the Desktop Plant, you can choose to auto-start it with Windows, use only idle CPU time, set automatic care system (this is like hiring a gardener for taking care of your plants), choose to keep growing the plant even when you shut down the computer, select a unit for the measurement of temperature, choose the brightness, pot color or saucer color among other things.

Desktop Plant

Although it can never be like a real plant, Desktop Plant does use special effects to make the plants look as real as possible on a PC. Only downside is that if you accidentally reset a plant, you will lose all the progress and growth for your dear little plant.

You can download Desktop Plant from