Diffractor : Fast Media Manager for Windows

Armed with powerful smartphones, everyone has become a journalist – you can find so many news analysts on Youtube these days. The moment you step out of your house, you will see people walking around with their camera, recording videos for Youtube or snapping pictures of Instagram. So many of them approach you asking crazy questions about anything and everything. When you are always making videos and taking pictures, you soon end up with a large number of videos and have to sort them out to find the best ones for your projects.

If you want to make it easy to manage media files in your Windows PC, then you can use a free software called Diffractor. It is a small and fast media manager that works very smoothly with both video files and image files. Even though it can also be used as an image viewer, it is not your traditional image viewer. The user interface of Diffractor is designed in keeping up with the modern Windows 10 user interface.

Upon launching it will scan through all of your partitions looking for picture files, video files and audio files. It can quickly sort these files into various categories such as history (in the year they were created), library (artist, geographic location, camera, date) and also their location on your hard drive.


All the images or other media files can be tagged by you using the tags like family, food, friends, landscape, nature, night, portrait, selfie, todo, travel, urban and more. You can also add tags of your own. Tagging these files makes it very easy for you to find them later. Suppose you want to find images taken on a family vacation in the year 2016 – you can first select History for year 2016 and then look for tags family and vacation.

In addition to tagging and categorizing the media files, it also provides some basic editing features for images. You can rotate, crop, and adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation. You can straighten the images and manually add geographic location data to the images. You can also view the pictures in form of a slideshow.

You can download Diffractor from http://diffractor.com/.