DesktopNoteOK : Portable Sticky Notes for Windows

In Windows 7, Microsoft had included a Sticky Notes program that could be used to post notes on your desktop screen as reminders or important short messages. But in later versions, Microsoft decided to remove the native Sticky Notes program and placed it in the Microsoft App Store instead. In your Windows 10 computer, Sticky Notes is available only from the Microsoft Store. If you do not want to go through the trouble of signing-in to Microsoft Store and downloading or installing this app, you can choose to use some really good Sticky Notes alternatives such as DesktopNoteOK.

Developed by SoftwareOK developer Nenad Hrg, this small tool does everything that Microsoft’s Sticky Notes did in Windows 7. The only difference is that newer Sticky Notes in Microsoft Store has much more integration with other Windows features such as Cortana, Skype and Dark Mode, etc.


DesktopNoteOK is available in both installer and portable packages. The portable version of DesktopNoteOK is less than 300KB in size and makes a perfect candidate for your USB pendrive app collection. The readme file included with DesktopNoteOK suggests to create a dummy DesktopNoteOK.ini file in the same folder as DesktopNoteOK_Portable.exe in order to make it really portable.

From the user interface of DesktopNoteOK, you can choose the style of the sticky notes such as color, shadow, font, text color, opacity etc. You can then click on New Note button to create your first note. You can later click on this same button or click on the small “+” icon in any of the notes to create another note.


The notes can be dragged around your desktop window and resized. You can change the content of these notes as and when you want. Other properties of individual notes such as color, text color, font, opacity etc., can be changed from the menu. And you can pin the notes on the screen so that they stay on top of other windows.

DesktopNoteOK is a very small program but has all the features of a good Sticky Notes program. It is perfect for creating reminder notes  or other important quick notes on your desktop computer.

You can download DesktopNoteOK from