PictureToExe Deluxe : Create Executable Slideshows for PC and Mac

PictureToExe Deluxe can turn your pictures into an executable slideshow file that can be run on Windows and Mac computers without requiring any special software. The application is also able to add audio files to be played along with the slideshows. You can also add transition effects that are used when switching from one picture to another.  It supports all kinds of popular picture file formats and the audio file formats.

The user interface of PicturesToExe Deluxe looks much like that of video editors. There is a timeline at the bottom where you can add pictures and transition effects. You can also add the audio stream in this timeline that is played along with the slideshow. You can switch back and forth between the slides and timeline view. In the slides view, you can add the pictures only. In the timeline view, you can add transition effects along with the pictures. You can set for how long each of the pictures are to be displayed and how long the transition effects are to be used. In addition, you can also add text over the pictures using a custom font of your own.

PictureToExe Deluxe

The created picture slideshows can be exported in a number of formats. You can export the slideshow as a single standalone EXE file that runs on Windows computers, you can package it into a ZIP file containing an EXE and slideshow data that runs on Windows PC but is digitally signed, you can create an executable for Mac OS, turn the slideshow into a screensaver, make it into different types of video files (HD video, DVD video, video for smartphones, AVI movie) etc. You can even publish your slideshow directly on Youtube or create an HTML5 video.

PictureToExe Deluxe

PicturesToExe Deluxe creates really stunning slideshows from your pictures with all the text and transition effects. It publishes the slideshow for Windows, Mac OS, Youtube and HTML5 ready websites.

You can download PictureToExe Deluxe from https://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/.