Master Password : Generate Same Strong Password Whenever Needed

If you are able to memorize all of your passwords then chances are that you are using relatively weaker passwords. On the other hand, if you use super strong passwords then perhaps you have to resort to using a password manager program which could be very secure but might make it a little complicated to use your own login credentials. If you do not want to use a password manager and do not want to memorize anything, but at the same time still want to use very strong passwords, then you can try Master Password.

Master Password allows you to instantly generate passwords based on your full name and a single master password for any website. It uses the same algorithm for generation of passwords which guarantees that you will get the same exact strong password for the same website every time. This eliminates the need to memorize password or save them in a password manager.

Master Password

Master Password is available for various platforms – iOS (iPhone), Android, Mac OS, Terminal, Desktop (a Java application that can be run on any platform like Windows or Linux), and it is also available as a web app. In the web app, you have to first specify your full name and a master password (this you have to memorize).

In the second step, you have to enter the name of the website for which you want to generate the password and it will instantly create a password for you. You can select a password counter number and algorithm version which would create an entirely new password for you. With the same settings, Master Password will generate the same exact password every time.

Master Password

The desktop application has a similar user interface, and it also works in a similar fashion. You have to enter your full name, a master password and then enter the site name. You can also customize by choosing a password counter number and the algorithm version. The desktop program allows you to save the user settings to your hard drive and copy the generated password to the clipboard.

Master Password

Master Password eliminates the need to use password managers or memorize any of your passwords. Just by using your full name and a few other things, you can generate the same exact password for your use whenever you need it.

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